perfmon :: relog perfmon .tsv or .csv files to .blg

When we run batch jobs, we don’t use Loadrunner, we just run our Vugen script inside Vugen. Its perfect because we don’t need load, we’re just sending sql commands to a DB and starting/stopping services. This means that we dont get to use Loadruner’s awesome metrics collection engine to correlate results. So we kick off jobs in Perfmon.
Ideally, saving them as BLG *(Binary files) is great because you can use the Perfmon GUI to view the metrics. But when you save them as TSV or CSV (for whatever reason) you lose the GUI ease of use. Luckily ‘relog’ has the feature to convert the log.

Its really easy, all you need to really do is open a command prompt window in the directory where the tsv/csv is and relog it

relog mylog.csv -f bin -o mylog.blg

You can get real funky and convert all files in a directory that match csv, like so :

#Run this in the directory with CSV Files
@echo off & setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion 
set a=1
for /f "delims=" %%i in ('dir /b *.csv') do (
  relog "%%i" -f bin -o "%%i".blg
  set /a a+=1

This works well.


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