vugen :: search and replace characters in a string

What happens when you have to submit special charaters, or reserverd characters in vugen? It can be quite a pain. Yes you can always do a web_convert_param(), but sometimes it doesnt do what you need. I’ve noticed it converts a space to a + not a %20….This has really confused me when submitting a webform…
The only other way to get around it is to write a function that searches your string, and replaces it.

My colleague Brady Wood wrote this, I’m just stealing it and claiming it as my own!….Thanks Woody.

char *replace_str(char *str, const char *orig, const char *rep)
    size_t buf_index = 0;
    char buffer[10000];
    if (!(char *)strstr(str, orig))  // Is 'orig' even in 'str'?
        return str;
    buffer[0] = 0;
        char *p;
        if (!(p = (char *)strstr(str, orig)))  
           strcpy(buffer + buf_index, str);
           return buffer;
        strncpy(buffer + buf_index, str, p - str);
        strcpy(buffer + buf_index + (p - str), rep);
        buf_index += (p-str) + strlen(rep);
        str = p + strlen(orig);
	lr_output_message("$$$$ str =%s ", str);
	lr_output_message("$$$$ orig =%s ", orig);
	lr_output_message("$$$$ rep =%s ", rep);
	lr_output_message("$$$$ buffer =%s ", buffer);
    return buffer;

Use it like this…

_otpUrlPtr = replace_str(lr_eval_string("{urlRedirect_3}"), "&", "&");

and you’re done.


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  • Rolando
    May 8, 2015 - 6:06 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for posting this function. It was very useful.

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