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windbg :: analysing a memory leak in w3wp.exe

As the scope of my role increases, I find that I am conducting a lot more deep diagnostics and analysis myself. I find it hard to be the guy that just ‘finds’ issues and then passes it on to the developer to do the digging. The least I could do is give them a little more guidance on where the performance issue exists, right ? Maybe, maybe not, but secretly, I like it.
So, we had this memory leak, it was a small one, but still, a leak is a leak. I managed to run the performance test for 2 days straight, and take quite a few memory/crash dumps along the way to analyse them to see what was leaking. I thought, if I could show the dev’s where the leak was, they could just go and fix it…at least, that was my thought process. The only issue, is that WinDbg is quite a scary tool if you don’t know what you’re doing, so I’ll try and cover 0.1% of using it here. read more »