Monthly Archives: May 2015


unix :: backup your webserver (ubuntu, debian, whatevs)

So, a while ago, a friend and I decided to buy a VPS that would host all our sites. He has his VMs and I have mine. Until he decides to expand his disk and cause some fatal system issues (which he denies), and my sites all go down in a burning heap of death.
It was then that I realised that my backup regime is not really all what its cracked up to be, a common issue, So I decided to get my act together. I modified a script mostly written (but not perfect) and integrated it with a dropbox uploader script which will send your backup files to dropbox, which is simply awesome! read more »


osx :: spotlight not indexing

So, my Macbook air has been upsetting me lately. I use spotlight a lot, as I have lots of ‘stuff’ in ‘lots of places’ and I can never find it. So I use spotlight, as most mac users would. I found that when I used it, it never returned anything. After trying fix after fix, I found something that worked. Its quick and easy. read more »