Monthly Archives: March 2015


excel :: generate text based on cell colour

I work with a lot of spreadsheets. A lot. Every time I look at them and think “this could have been presented better”.
Recently I received a spreadsheet that contained three different types of data in it, but the data was jumbled, and the only way to differentiate was by cell colour. Strange, I know. I needed a filter column that had each type so I could easily extrapolate the data, so I whipped up a quick macro. read more »


ubuntu :: push notification with postfix and dovecot

I’ve recently setup my own mailserver, to host my own emails. I already owned a web server, so it wasn’t too big of a deal, but I did notice one small thing that was lacking. I use an iPhone and noticed that I wasn’t able to get Push notifications. This is annoying, since I don’t really ‘check’ my email. But then I stumbled across a small little package that gives me the functionality, all with minimal configuration. read more »