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setting system time :: vugen

Quite often I get personally contacted by people requiring some assistance or just wanting to ask me for my advice. It’s a nice ego boost, but also a very important aspect of the industry that should be maintained. My beliefs are we should do what we can to assist others, and with the use of the internet, we have a great medium to share and distribute information, with such things like twitter, Google talk and, well my blog, are all making it possible for a total stranger to speak to another and get the help he/she needs.

Recently, a now friend of mine, Roberto Brusa struck up a conversation about changing the system time in vugen. He was making a system call, which is fine, its a great way to do it, but he did mention that he did not want the annoying cmd pop up and probed me for a possible alternative. Now I’ve never done this before but after bouncing ideas off each other I suggested that in theory, it should be possible, through the usage of the win32api, to manipulate the tme…We found that this statment was true, and proved it with the following…
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