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global think time :: vugen

There’s no doubt, that thinktime is required in all performance scripts. Without it, you would be running a user and a speed which is not realistic, and let’s face it, creating a realistic scenario is really what writing a test harness is all about.
With that in mind, thinktime is something that can be debated till the cows come home, developers want more, business owners want less, and us performance guys, well, we just want whets real.

It can be frustrating going through all your scripts, modifying the think times, and changing them at the runtime settings to limit them to X seconds, can often not meet the requirements. I’ve come up with a solution that should suffice, making changing the thinktime in your scripts simple, quick, and pain free.
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paramatising transaction counters :: vugen

There is really no point in running a load test, if you’re not going to capture transaction times, that is, unless you just want to add load to a system for purposes other than load testing. Unless you’re a hacker, or you want to place unmeasured stress on the server under test, the information captured from transaction counters is very valuable.

But what happens when the page you’re submitting varies based on the parameter that is being passed through to it?
How do you capture the transaction for that particular instance page?
It’s really quite simple, but it can’t be done in 1 line of code, unlike most languages, which is classic to scripting in vugen, not to mention very annoying!.
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