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calculate number of workdays between dates :: ms access sql

I dont like Microsoft access. Sure, its widely used in businesses, but as a database tool, I find it lacking in many ways. However, trying to change non technical employees to work with mysql or something of the sort, would probably present itself with greater issues.

Recently I was asked if I could help create a form that would calculate the number of workdays between two dates. Workdays and weekdays are very different, so its important to recognise the differences.

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watir and ajax tables

I use watir a lot. I find that it’s easy to build a watir script, due to the simplicity of the language and versatility of the code. Even though my main role is to performance test a system for my client, watir scripts help me in my role, when I’m doing web testing.

This article is just to embed this process in my memory, or so I can refer to it in future, as well as possibly helping the wider community having trouble with watir and Ajax…

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