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watir and ajax tables

I use watir a lot. I find that it’s easy to build a watir script, due to the simplicity of the language and versatility of the code. Even though my main role is to performance test a system for my client, watir scripts help me in my role, when I’m doing web testing.

This article is just to embed this process in my memory, or so I can refer to it in future, as well as possibly helping the wider community having trouble with watir and Ajax…

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automation made easy::irb

I’ve used many automation tools, and have always faced many complex problems that often required solutions which needed much effort to maintain. There has never really been an automation solution that made life easy, quite ironic, considering the purpose of automation.

I found the most time consuming part of writing an automated script was shaking out the script during development. Normally I find that the culprit lies in the 7th or 8th screen, and thats when my script falls over…normally because of an invalid object or object name. So I fix it, and re run it, then the script falls over on the next screen…fix it, re run it….until I feel like I am an infinite loop that has no <break> statement…But now, I can write a script, without having to run it 50 times, and I can be confident that it will run, first time. How? you ask, with watir and irb….

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